Snowy Snapshots: Late February Flakes

As forecasted, it snowed. While paltry in volume, it was enough to hit the streets to capture the late-winter wonderland. We may have been jumping the gun, though, as a heavier snowfall could be coming this Friday.

All photos by Bobby Panza.

Friendly snowball fights at the Great Lawn.


Geese gather at Sheep Meadow.

geese gather on sheep meadow

Straus Park statue, unfazed.

Garbage snowman, Riverside Park near West 108th Street.


Dedication at Skater’s Circle.

Andy Kessler Skate Park (108th in Riverside Park).

108 street skate park nyc

Hippo Playground, 91st in Riverside Park. Hippos aren’t cool with snow.

hippo playground in snow

Fetch! By the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument.

Snowbaby at River Run Playground, 82nd in Riverside Park.

“Sing us a song, you’re the piano snowman.”


Like children on a snow day. West 76th Street between Riverside Drive and West End Avenue.

St. Gregory’s Playground, 136 West 90th Street.


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