Join the Museum of Natural History for An Out of This World SpaceFest

When the Apollo 11 made its historic moon landing back on July 24th, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin went down in history as the first men on the moon. Now, the AAMNH will host a celebration called SpaceFest to honor the historic event.

While there are strict requirements needed to go to outer space, the AMNH invites people of all ages and space knowledge to enjoy the event. SpaceFest will be filled with family-friendly presentations, performances, and hands-on activities about the moon, Mars, the sun and beyond.

SpaceFest also coincides with the museum’s 150th anniversary. This is described on their website as “a multi-year series of vents, programs, and exhibitions inspired by the legacy of specific exploration and science education”.


SpaceFest Highlights

The Museum’s Director of Astrovisualization, Carter Emmart, will present a digital recreation of Apollo 11’s iconic flight and landing. This will take place in the Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Hall of the Universe at noon.

Meanwhile, in the Black Hole Theater, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory will use actual data and videos to create an immersive installation … so you can experience the sun’s surface without the sunburn! The installation runs from 11am-5pm.

There will also be a screening of CAPCOM GO! The Apollo 11 Story. This is a documentary that takes viewers through NASA’s intense mission to get man on the moon. After the credits roll, Carter Emmart returns with Openspace Visualization Software to guide audiences through landing sites of select Apollo missions.

Check out the rest of the SpaceFest schedule below and discover the story behind this historic breakthrough. Tickets are free for museum members (or you can purchase tickets at the counters).

And who knows, maybe the Museum of Natural History may inspire the generation of space explorers!

SpaceFest will take place at the AMNH on July 20th from 11am-6pm.

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