Spring Art Exhibits

  Last modified on August 2nd, 2018

The spring season welcomes some wonderful art exhibits on the Upper West Side!  The Upper West Side has been capturing the hearts of artists for centuries with the celebration of beauty that comes with it. Whether it is through painting peacefully on the bench of a park, writing quietly under the shade of a tree, or singing joyfully in the middle of a plaza, this time of year is a continuous source of inspiration. In case you’re having a little bit of trouble getting your creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled a guide to some of the best art exhibits on the Upper West Side this spring. Check them out right below!

Artek and the Aaltos: Creating a Modern World

Bard Graduate Center Gallery

April 22–September 25, 2016

Art Exhibits on the Upper West Side

The Artek and the Aaltos exhibit will be the first one in the U.S. to explore the influence and importance of Finnish design company Artek. The Bard Graduate Center Gallery will present and introduce the history behind this groundbreaking company with the help of the Alvar Aalto Foundation in Helsinki. Artek was founded in 1935 by architects Alvar Aalto and Aino-Marsio-Aalto and they were renowned for their influential views on art and modernism as well as for their impeccable bentwood furniture creations. The Modern World exhibit will feature many works and items that have never been revealed to the public before. More than 200 works including architectural drawings, paintings, photographs, textiles, glassware, and even furniture will all be showcased this spring and summer season.

For more information, please visit: http://www.bgc.bard.edu/gallery/gallery-at-bgc/artek-and-aaltos.html


Ner Beck: New York & Barcelona Street Art

New York Public Library

Runs through April 27, 2016

Art Exhibits on the Upper West Side

Acclaimed photographer Ner Beck has the ability to capture anthropomorphic faces in objects that seem otherwise lifeless. Beck has been roaming the streets of New York City and finding unique humanlike reflections in places that are of no apparent interest to the casual passerby. Looking for a change of setting and some newfound inspiration, Beck recently traveled to the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona in search of more hidden treasures. His exhibit at the New York Public Library’s UWS branch (formerly St. Agnes Library) will find attendees immersed in a visual spectacle that mixes the history and art of Barcelona’s vibrant streets with the majesty and elegance of Manhattan’s buildings. He draws similarities and differences between the two cities and produces a collection of work that will make you see both in a whole new light. This exhibit is a must for those of us who love photography!

For more information, please visit: http://www.nypl.org/events/exhibitions/ner-beck-new-york-barcelona-street-art

Mystery and Benevolence

American Folk Art Museum

Runs through May 8, 2016

Art Exhibits on the Upper West Side

The American Folk Art Museum is currently showcasing a special exhibit that’s exclusively dedicated to the secret societies that have shaped and influenced American history. Hidden to the public eye, secret societies have been present in the US since the early 18th century. Mystery and Benevolence explores the meaning behind the traditions of Freemasons and Odd Fellows through art and items used for rituals. The exhibit features 200 works of art that count with many Masonic symbols such as the blazing star, the masonic eye, and the square. The strong visual images to be seen here tend to be rather spooky and mystical yet fascinating examples of folk art with roots in the American Revolution time period. Explore the mysteries and find out what it took to become a member before May 8th.
For more information, please visit: http://folkartmuseum.org/exhibitions/mystery-and-benevolence-masonic-and-odd-fellows-folk-art-from-the-kendra-and-allan-daniel-collection/

The Folk Art Collection of Elie and Viola Nadelman

NY Historical Society Museum & Library

May 20 – August 21, 2016

Art Exhibits on the Upper West Side

The NY Historical Society Museum & Library is presenting an exhibit featuring an extraordinary collection of folk art left behind by avant-garde sculptor Elie Nadelman and his wife Viola. Even though Elie was known for his elegant and modernist works, little was known about the passion he and his wife shared for folk art. Together they established an impressive collection of 15,000 objects that was influenced by the peasant arts originating from Poland and other European trends. The exhibit celebrates and recognizes their collection that spans more than six centuries by showcasing 200 objects as well as elegant Modernist sculptures. A real treat for history buffs and anyone interested in modernist art!

For more information, please visit: http://www.nyhistory.org/exhibitions/folk-art-collection-elie-and-viola-nadelman


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