Stand Up NY Offering Federal Workers Free Comedy for a Year

Stand Up NY, the comedy club on 78th and Broadway is offering federal workers affected by the government shutdown a free one year LaughPass. Like MoviePass but for comedy clubs, LaughPass gives you unlimited access to comedy shows plus some amazing perks at over 30 clubs across the country.


Dani Zoldan, an owner at the club told I Love The Upper West Side, “since we launched the free membership, we’ve been getting flooded by emails by federal employees telling us their own personal stories how the shutdown has been affecting them and we’re just grateful that we have a platform where we can give them one night of comic relief to forget about their worries”.

The owners tell us that they’re planning a comedy show for federal workers in the coming weeksas well . Non-government employees are in luck too – they can snag a LaughPass at a discount ($99) by using the coupon code MALA (Make America Laugh Again) at

Besides unlimited access to shows, the pass gets you a free ticket for a friend, a free drink upon arrival, advance notice when big name comics are added to the lineup, VIP seating and a bottle of wine on your birthday (at the club – not to take home).

Federal workers must show their ID when picking up their pass.

Here’s the official release.


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