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  Last modified on April 18th, 2020

Slow Burn Fitness Book

The SlowBurn Shelter-in Special!
If you purchase a package of SlowBurn sessions before the government allows business to return to normal,  you will enjoy a 20% discount off of any package with a full money back guarantee! Visit the website or call (917) 693-2309 and Fredrick Hahn, owner of SlowBurn Studios, best-selling author and trainer to the stars, will take care of you personally and answer any questions you may have. Fredrick is also available via Zoom for private, one to one exercise sessions on a first come, first served basis. Call soon if you want to get on his schedule.

Covid 19 has put a damper on many of our fitness routines. But no worries! The SlowBurn method is a powerful way to stay tight, toned and tough – in just 30 minutes a week – all in the privacy of your own home!

The method was created by ACE certified instructor Fredrick Hahn, an Upper West Sider for over 30 years who founded and established his private one-to-one studio on 78th and Amsterdam in 1998.

His best-selling fitness book, The SlowBurn Fitness Revolution, has both a gym and a home workout program that will strengthen, tighten and tone in a SAFE and time-efficient manner.

So, what is the SlowBurn method? It is a method of strength training using very slow, smooth and controlled lifting and lowering movements that build strength, tone, muscle, bone, cardio fitness and flexibility – safely and efficiently.

Here’s Fred demonstrating a couple of his workouts on NBC’s Today!

SlowBurn is similar in essence to the gentle yet powerful martial art Tai Chi. By eliminating any sudden and abrupt movements (which produce excessive force and lead to many injuries similar to Crossfit), you will never be injured. All SlowBurn instructors utilize the SlowBurn method.

Along with being extremely safe, research indicates that the SlowBurn technique produces superior overall physical benefits than traditional methods of weight training. And this translates into greater self-esteem and contributes to stress relief.

Picture this: In just 30 minutes a week of SlowBurn exercise, your investment in yourself will:

  • Speed your metabolic rate
  • Melt excess body fat
  • Improve your posture
  • Decrease or eliminate low back and neck pain
  • Enhance your flexibility
  • Skyrocket your strength, bone density and work stamina
  • Create dramatic improvements in your yoga poses, golf drive, tennis serves and long walks or bike rides with your family
  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Empower you to stick to an eating plan for fat loss and other health improvements

Hard to believe, I know. But they fully guarantee it.

Though Fred Hahn charges for these home workout exercises, he is offering them to you free of charge during this pandemic. They were created several years ago but are still used today in the exact same way. When something works, it works!

Here are some home workout videos that you can start doing right away.  (NOTE: These are not listed on his business YouTube page. They were downloaded by a client to their page.)

SlowBurn Home Exercises

Important tips:

  • Take 2 full seconds for the first inch of movement (safety first!)
  • Breathe continuously and freely (don’t hold your breath)
  • Continue the slow, smooth movement until deep muscular fatigue is achieved in a 60-90 second time frame.

To time yourself, you can use a stopwatch and use an online metronome set at 60bpm to keep your pace and tempo correct. This is all explained in the first two videos below.

Fredrick Hahn’s Introduction to SlowBurn:


Getting started – The tools you’ll need:




Side shoulder raises:


Pull-ups (Tommy Day instructing)


Biceps curls:


Hamstrings curls:


Side glutes:


Doorknob squats:


Abdominal crunches (Tommy Day instructing)

This is full body routine that will improve every aspect of your health!

Once this pandemic is over, if you’re interested in becoming a client, here is their information:

SlowBurn Personal Training Studios:
169 West 78th Street, between Amsterdam and Columbus, NYC (212) 579-9320
25 Watchung Plaza in Montclair New Jersey (973) 233-1013

Says owner Fredrick Hahn:

“In 1993, I developed the SlowBurn method at the Hospital for Joint Diseases Sports Medicine Center in order to make patients as strong as possible in a safe and time-efficient manner. It is suitable for all ages – from kids to baby boomers to folks from the great generation. The method improves strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility and bone density and even makes you younger at the genetic level in just 30 minutes a week.”

For the past two decades, SlowBurn’s method has transformed thousands of people.

SlowBurn instructors also educate the client using science-based nutritional guidance and work with clients to develop an eating plan to maximize lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously. Few if any fitness studios can prove this using InBody 570 body testing technology.

Each SlowBurn instructor will teach you everything you need to know about eating the correct foods (without counting calories) in order to maximize improvements in your health. This will result in steady and permanent fat loss, improved mood, sleep, concentration and an overall sense of well being.

They emphasize eating real foods low in sugars and adequate in healthful amounts of fat and protein. Intermittent fasting is also suggested as a method to help cut fat and build lean tissue. While strength training contributes to fat loss, the specific types of foods you eat are the number one factor in losing (or gaining) fat. By combining diet and exercise, most people can be their absolute best in a very short period of time.

Among Frederick Hahn’s impressive roster of clients are many busy CEOs, popular celebrities, and even lifestyle coaches including Tony Robbins.

tony robbins review

When asked about her experience with SlowBurn, Kathleen Hays, Business/News Anchor for Bloomberg Television, said:

Kathleen Hays Review

When this pandemic ends, try your first complimentary SlowBurn workout.

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