Best Photos of Winter Storm Toby in NYC

Posted by on Mar 21, 2018 in Street Scenes

Some brave New Yorkers have graced us with these lovely photos of Winter Storm Toby on the Upper West Side. Enjoy and show your appreciation by following them on Instagram!

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Best Spots for People Watching on the Upper West Side

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People watching can serve a variety of purposes. People watching can be a relaxing and entertaining activity. It provides a magical way of wiling away the time. In addition, as Siqqiqui notes, every face tells a story. You can learn something about others, about life, by taking some time out of the hustle and bustle of daily living to people watch. Indeed, you can also learn something about yourself.

I love observing people. Each face tells so many stories.

– Nawazuddin Siddiqui

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Rainy Days on the Upper West Side

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Rainy days can be pretty (and create a somewhat nicer smelling NYC). But they’re more enjoyable from the comfort of our homes or offices. Enjoy these scenes and stay dry!

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Coolest Tree in NYC

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Who would have guessed; the coolest tree in NYC is right here on the Upper West Side!

I’m not biased …

Read below to find out what makes this green giant so sweet.

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Manhattan Valley

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Say the phrase Manhattan Valley and you’ll be viewed with awe. At least by those, like you, who are in the know.

But, really, do you know what it is? If you’re an Upper West Sider, you probably do. But for those unfamiliar, it’s a neighborhood within the environs of the west side. Origins date back to the 1800s.  The name is based on a depression in the landscape, hence “Valley.” Let’s plan an NYC Daycation here and impress your friends with your knowledge of some really interesting facts about the UWSWe’ll call this the “did you know” kind of an adventure.

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Old Photos of the Upper West Side

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Don’t you just love old photos of the Upper West Side? Well I’ve rounded up a few for you to enjoy!  For you fans of old New York and UWS history, be sure to also check out Past Famous Upper West Siders and Oldest Brownstones on the Upper West Side.

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Riverside Drive

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Riverside Drive is New York City’s most scenic street. As one of the Upper West Side’s main roads, it parallels the West Side Highway and offers panoramic views of the Hudson River. From brownstones to limestone townhouses and beaux arts pre-war buildings, the street is rich in both its architecture and history. Read below to discover what makes this NYC landmark a must-see for both locals and visitors alike!

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NYC Holiday Lights on the UWS

Posted by on Dec 22, 2016 in Other, Street Scenes

‘Tis the season for lovely NYC holiday lights on the Upper West Side!

Read on to view some beautifully lit up landmarks and attractions!

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Autumn on the Upper West Side

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If you’re not planning a fall getaway north of NYC, Autumn right here on the Upper West Side is absolutely beautiful!  It’s truly what fairytales are made of.  For more photos of the Upper West Side, be sure to check out our Instagram page!

And here are some stunning images of Autumn in Washington Heights!

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Pokemon GO on the Upper West Side

Posted by on Aug 2, 2016 in Community, Events, Other, Street Scenes

It’s official. Pokemon GO on the Upper West Side is HERE.  It has taken over NYC by storm. The augmented virtual reality game has shattered records with more than 75 million downloads since it’s release a few weeks ago. The game encourages players to catch them all and the Upper West Side offers plenty of prime hunting hot spots for residents and visitors alike.  Read below to find out what can you catch and where without having to leave the neighborhood. Get ready to go outside and explore!

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