UPDATED: Street Taco to be “Replaced” by Abigail’s

  Last modified on April 29th, 2024

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Scroll to the bottom for a recent statement we received from the restaurant owners.

A sign in the window of 2672 Broadway (at West 102nd Street) says a new restaurant called Abigail’s is “coming soon.” This space has been occupied by Street Taco since May 2022.


“Really? It took a year-and-a-half to get that place ready. I’m surprised it’s closed already,” said one local of Street Taco. Musing on the Upper West Side restaurant’s quality, he said it had good drinks and specialty tacos but the standard fare wasn’t too great. “They had great drinks and great unique tacos like the raw tuna tacos. But the traditional Mexican tacos weren’t that good,” said the local, who asked to remain anonymous.

Rachael Doob, who works across the street at the Grape Collective wine shop, said she too was surprised to hear Street Taco had left. “That’s interesting. It’s too bad they didn’t stick around very long,” she said. Doob didn’t know anything about Abigail’s but welcomed a new business to the neighborhood. “We could use a little more action and activity around here.”

Street Taco filled the void left by longtime restaurant Mexican Festival, which had been there since about 2014. In fact, the site has hosted a string of Mexican establishments in recent years. Before Mexican Festival there was Maria Bonita, and that replaced Mama Mexico, which was there at least as far back as 2009.

It turns out that Abigail’s will be coming from the same owners. And based on conflicting reports, it’s unclear if Street Taco will technically be “closing.”


The landlord first told us that the owners – Fox Lifestyle Hospitality Group – will be closing Street Taco because it didn’t meet their expectations. “It wasn’t as successful as they had hoped it would be,” said Alex Hirsch of Milbrook Properties. He added that Abigail’s will be “American food but weird, cool weird. A little bit international. It’ll be different,” he said, adding that it will have a “speakeasy decor” and is likely to open in about a month.

We called Street Taco’s location at 358 Third Avenue and the person we spoke with confirmed that Abigail’s would be coming from the same owners. That’s all they said.

This morning, we got some additional details from Laurie Marshall, an Upper West Side trademark attorney (and the owner of Trademarks The Spot) who spoke with the general manager last night. The manager told her that the space will become a bit of a hybrid, with Abigail’s in the front and a takeout area for Street Taco in the back. Abigail’s will be a SoCal concept with ‘wine-bar vibes,’ the manager told her.

UPDATE (Feb. 16): We just received the following statement from the owners:

Fox Lifestyle Hospitality Group is thrilled to announce the upcoming March opening of Abigail’s, a new all-day neighborhood restaurant located at 2672 Broadway (at 102nd St) on New York’s Upper West Side. The southern California-inspired, 100-seat restaurant is overseen by chef Ash Fulk, who is both a resident of the neighborhood and a California native and is looking forward to bringing his two favorite parts of the country together.
I grew up in California, but I call the Upper West Side home,” said Fulk. “Abigail’s is a blend of the best of both worlds, combining the food and vibe of the California coast with the traditions and energy of New York City.
In keeping with the neighborhood’s long tradition of diners and cafes, Abigail’s will feature robust lunch, brunch, and dinner services.
In addition, FLHG’s Street Taco, which has been in the space since 2022, will still be available for takeout and delivery in the neighborhood.

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