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Summer on the Hudson 2017

Summer on the Hudson 2017

Summer on the Hudson 2017 is coming with over 200 events ready to turn up the heat from May to September. The outdoor cultural festival will be offering a variety of free activities for people of all ages. There’ll be concerts, film screenings, workshops, dance classes, and so much more! Check out some of this summer’s must-do events by reading right below.

Dance for Seniors

Scheduled: Every second Friday of the month at 6pm (May 12,June 9, July 14, August 11, and September 8)

Summer on the Hudson 2017

This recurring dance program for seniors will be instructed by master teacher Naomi Goldberg Haas. She and members of the Dance for a Variable Population intergenerational company will be leading these fun dance workshops. The classes are designed towards the elderly but people of all ages are more than welcome to participate. A series of creative moves will be demonstrated in order to get everyone grooving to the beat of the music. Dance for Seniors takes place at the lawn by 133rd St and Marginal St. The mission of Dance for a Variable Population is to enhance the wellbeing of senior citizens by promoting an active lifestyle.

Locomotive Lawn Live

Scheduled: May 11 through June 29 at 10.30am

Summer on the Hudson

Locomotive Lawn Live is an interactive event which is all about getting kids to develop a passion for reading. Through a live retelling of musical stories, the Moosiki Kids Musical Storytime will help children explore the meaning of music. Moosiki Kids uses a series of attention-grabbing props such as parachutes and puppets in order to make the process of learning music a fun experience. The event is held at the lawn by 61st which is located right next to a big locomotive. The engaging story retelling is ideal for those young kids and toddlers who are under five years of age. Moosiki’s classes have a traditional music learning blended with a more upbeat (and rock-n-roll) style to it. This is considered to be one of the must-do events for kids this summer so make sure your little ones don’t miss it!

Silent Disco

Scheduled: June 3 at 5pm

Summer on the Upper West Side

One of Summer on the Hudson’s program highlights is the much anticipated Silent Disco. This quiet outdoor concert requires each attendee to wear a pair of headphones. In the meantime, two DJ’s will be playing different genres of music as they spin some of the hottest hits of the summer. Participants can switch or alternate between DJ’s by just flicking a switch on the headset. This means that you could be dancing to a different tune altogether from the person standing right next to you! The Silent Disco takes place at the Pier I by 70th St. Grab some friends along and have a blast participating in this one-of-a-kind party!

Pier I Picture Show

Scheduled: Each Wednesday from July 5 to August 16 at dusk (around 8.30pm)

Summer on the Upper West Side 2017

The picture show series is coming back for another summer of outdoor film screenings under the starry night sky. The chosen flick to open the festival during the month of July is called “Blazing Saddles”. The 70’s laugh-inducing Western comedy stars Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks. The plot revolves around the decision of a town’s corrupt politician to hire a black sheriff in order to push his own political agenda forward. The other films to be screened this summer include “Dr. Strangelove”, “What’s Up Doc”, “The Truman Show”, “The Muppets Movie”, “The Big Lebowski”, and “Beetlejuice”. Pack a picnic and bring a friend or loved one along for a movie night in NYC’s best outdoor cinema.

Little Red Lighthouse Festival

Scheduled: September 30 at 12pm

Summer Events Upper West Side

The Little Red Lighthouse Festival will be closing out the summer season on a high note. The event, which pays tribute to the last standing lighthouse in New York City, takes place a bit further up north in the neighborhood of Washington Heights. Lots of activities and workshops are planned for the day including educational presentations by none other than the Urban Park Rangers. There’ll also be guided visits to the interior of the lighthouse, children’s book readings, fishing clinics, live music, tasty treats, and activities for the whole family! The festival is held in Fort Washington Park by West 181st St. and Plaza Lafayette.

Make sure to check out to see if an event is still scheduled as planned in case of unfavorable weather conditions. The programs listed above are free and require no registration. Summer on the Hudson 2017 is supported by NYC Parks and Riverside Park Conservancy.

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