Summer on the Hudson 2017

  Last modified on April 26th, 2022

Locomotive Lawn Live

Scheduled: May 11 through June 29 at 10.30am

Locomotive Lawn Live is an interactive event which is all about getting kids to develop a passion for reading. Through a live retelling of musical stories, the Moosiki Kids Musical Storytime will help children explore the meaning of music. Moosiki Kids uses a series of attention-grabbing props such as parachutes and puppets in order to make the process of learning music a fun experience. The event is held at the lawn by 61st which is located right next to a big locomotive. The engaging story retelling is ideal for those young kids and toddlers who are under five years of age. Moosiki’s classes have a traditional music learning blended with a more upbeat (and rock-n-roll) style to it. This is considered to be one of the must-do events for kids this summer so make sure your little ones don’t miss it!

Summer on the Hudson

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