Summer on the Hudson 2017

  Last modified on April 26th, 2022

Pier I Picture Show

Scheduled: Each Wednesday from July 5 to August 16 at dusk (around 8.30pm)

The picture show series is coming back for another summer of outdoor film screenings under the starry night sky. The chosen flick to open the festival during the month of July is called “Blazing Saddles”. The 70’s laugh-inducing Western comedy stars Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks. The plot revolves around the decision of a town’s corrupt politician to hire a black sheriff in order to push his own political agenda forward. The other films to be screened this summer include “Dr. Strangelove”, “What’s Up Doc”, “The Truman Show”, “The Muppets Movie”, “The Big Lebowski”, and “Beetlejuice”. Pack a picnic and bring a friend or loved one along for a movie night in NYC’s best outdoor cinema.

Summer on the Upper West Side 2017

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