Sun Worship on the Upper West Side

  Last modified on June 29th, 2018

We love the sun. Let’s face it. We’ve loved it since time began, maybe even BEFORE time began. On warm summer days, those on the Upper West Side – residents and visitors alike – can scope out these delightful spots for taking a break from the hustle and bustle of NYC life. (Disclaimer: too much sun is not good for us. Please take precautions and use sunscreen, and follow all directions. Drink plenty of water.)

Riverside Boulevard (between 65th and 72nd Streets including Pier I at 70th Street)

Part of the New York City Parks Dept., this four-mile stretch along the Hudson River is one of the city’s most spectacular waterfront parks. Famous for its views and tranquility.  It does have Wi-Fi spots, but sometimes it’s just nice to listen to the sounds of the city.

70th Street Pier


Riverside Park at West 78th Street

Benches, meadows, tall trees. This spot offers spots for sunning, AND for sitting under a tree after you’ve had a bit too much of it. Makes one feel like they’ve been transported up and away.

Riverside Park


Strawberry Fields, 72nd Street and Central Park West

Strawberry Fields honors the life of John Lennon. Bring your iPod and fill it with your favorite Beatles tunes and have your own mini-concert all in your head.

Strawberry Fields

photo by Flickr user Charley Lhasa.


Sheep Meadow, Central Park West, from 66th to 69th Streets

More intimate than the Great Lawn (which is dead center in the Park), Sheep Meadow is one of the park’s designated “quiet zones” so only headphones allowed. Or, just enjoy the sounds of nature. Our days are filled with enough man-made noise. Time to chill.

Sheep Meadow

photo by Flickr user Cdoc524.


Mariner’s Playground – West 84th Street, Central Park

When the kids are in tow, what better place to do both: sun worship AND let the kids play in this recently updated Upper West Side playground. Extra plus: SPRINKLER. Need we say more.

Mariners Playground

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