Delicious Kosher Dairy on Amsterdam Avenue

  Last modified on January 16th, 2020

Do you keep Kosher? Would you like a new new brunch, lunch or dinner spot? Are you looking for a nice coffee shop to work out of? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you should definitely check out Sunflower Cafe, located at 93rd and Amsterdam Avenue.


Sunflower Cafe is a Kosher dairy restaurant, which has a great selection of pastas, sandwiches, deserts, coffee and more. One of the top items on the menu is the fresh mozzarella and peppers sandwich.

The baked ziti is also delicious and comes in a whopping portion. It would be nice if it came with a side of bread; that said there are plenty of carbs in the ziti itself.

Here is a photo I took last week when I was eating the baked ziti and teaching a Skype lesson to a student in Buffalo, New York:

Sunflower Cafe

In addition to having amazing food, Sunflower Cafe has a lot of outlets and reliable wifi so it is a good place to work remotely.

Some more popular options:

Eggplant Sandwich with French Fries and Tahini Sauce

Sunflower Cafe Eggplant Sandwich

French Toast

Sunflower Cafe French Toast

And Great Pizza!

Sunflower Cafe Pizza

Give this great restaurant a shot and you won’t regret it. And be sure to order from Sunflower Cafe directly (it will allow them to keep more of their profits so they can stay open longer and serve you better!).

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