The Super Pink Moon is Coming Tonight

2020’s “Super Pink Moon” will be visible on Tuesday evening … and it will be the biggest full moon of 2020, according to

First, it’s important to note that the moon won’t actually be the color pink. The Super Pink Moon was named for the blooming of pink flowers on the east coast during April.

The reason this will be the biggest full moon of the year is because it will be closest to Earth (or at “perigee-syzygy”) – 221,772 miles away.


Jackie Faherty, an astronomer at the American Museum of Natural History, says tonight’s moon will be “bright and brilliant and absolutely gorgeous”.

Faherty tells CBS News, “It rises in the East and sets in the West so [it] will cross the sky for you. If you are in an apartment and not interested or capable of stepping outside, get yourself to your window and figure out what direction you are facing. The moon will hopefully make an appearance for you at some point in the evening.”

The Super Pink Moon will last for about 12 hours, but Faherty recommends you look right at moonrise, as the moon will appear largest as it rises above the horizon at this time.

According to, NYC’s moonrise will occur at 7:05pm – and the moon will be full at 10:35pm.

While it looks like there will be some clouds (and potentially rain) tonight, let’s see what this moon will be made of!

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