Suspects Arrested Following West 75th Street Shooting

At a bit before 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon, shots were fired on West 75th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue. An NYPD spokesperson tells us the incident location was recorded as 23 West 75th Street, and confirmed that there were three suspects involved.

Sources told CBS News that the suspects shot at a man in a Rolls-Royce, and that bullets pierced the window of at least one SUV.

Police pursued the three suspects and stopped them at West 106th Street and the West Side Highway. In the midst of an ensuing foot chase, one of the suspects fired a gun at the police, though there were no reported injuries resulting from the incident. Police apprehended all three suspects and recovered two firearms.

A Citizen video shows a police car at the scene of the arrest.

Three Shooting Suspects Taken Into Custody in Riverside Park @CitizenApp

W 106th St & Riverside Dr Yesterday 4:04:57 PM EST


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