The Ten Biggest Openings of 2018

A ton of new restaurants and stores opened this year. And a whole bunch of places are getting ready to open. Out of everything we covered, here were the ten biggest openings of 2018 (meaning they’ve either opened already, or it was announced this year that they’d be opening soon).


Starting with the biggest, these were the most read:

  1. Trader Joe’s on 93rd and Columbus (opened in May)
  2. The Target location in Columbus Circle (opening in 2019) 
  3. Friedman’s on 72nd Street (opened in October)
  4. Shakespeare & Co at 2020 Broadway (opened in November)
  5. Dig Inn on 67th Street (opened in July)
  6. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream (an 82nd Street location opened in May, and a location on 72nd Street will open next year) 
  7. Leonti (opened in November)
  8. Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co (opened in April)
  9. The soon to open Billy’s Bakery 
  10. Oxbow Tavern (opened in February)


Which opening were (or are) you most excited about?
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