The 2019 Summer Tenant Party at The Greystone

The summer rooftop white party at the Greystone is just one of the perks the building offers its tenants. A fifteen-story residential building on 91st Street, the building prioritizes the experience of their tenants, focusing on their quality of life and comfort in affordable yet luxury housing space.

white party NYC

This year’s summer party fell on a breezy and sunny evening. Tenants wandered in and mingled with their neighbors, met new friends, and also had the opportunity to spend time with some building professionals on a friendly level. With raffles and games to play, it’s a no-brainer why residents keep coming to the parties that The Greystone offers on a regular basis.

party at Greystone Building

Attendees rocked out to the music in their best white outfits!

rooftop dancing nyc

Community engagement is something that this building truly cherishes. The Greystone acknowledges that renting an apartment in Manhattan is often a difficult and expensive process, and they want to provide as much as possible for their tenants in a way that keeps them excited to renew their lease year after year.

Even more, the building makes sure to incorporate action in community service merged with tenant engagement. They run a canned food drive every year for City Harvest. This year, in particular, the building chose to do an additional drive tethered to their annual tenant event as well as their broker party. Daniel Rivera, the leasing manager, mentioned how combining community service with benefits for the tenants establishes a positive and wholesome environment throughout the building.

rooftop party nyc

Another high-value aspect of the Greystone is the consistency of the events they promote for their tenants. Residents appreciate the investment of consistent gatherings with free food and alcohol just as much as they value the attention to upgrades in the building gym, and who can blame them?

I spoke with a few party-goers and asked them what their favorite parts were about the building. Every response dealt with the benefits of the rooftop, but something that a few new tenants adore is the complimentary breakfast on Sunday mornings in the lobby. It’s a highlight that makes the building feel like a luxury hotel, and everyone at the front desk remembers the residents name even weeks within of moving in.

Greystone Lobby

The community at the Greystone ranges in age, from retired Columbia writing professors to families of four. They have apartments that are a fit for nearly anyone’s needs, and it is safe to say that people come to the Greystone with the intention to stay.

This is all to say that the Greystone is an unmatchable residential building in one of the most desired neighborhoods in Manhattan. If you’re looking to upgrade your living style with more amenities and a comparable cost of living, you need to check out the Greystone. It’s only a plus that it’s located on our idyllic Upper West Side!

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