The 87th Street Dog Run

  Last modified on November 28th, 2019
Riverside park is a haven for Upper West Side dog owners but it’s 87th Street Dog Run where things really get divine. If you haven’t already seen it, you might be surprised. For Manhattan, the 87th Street Dog Park is actually quite big. But here are a few more reasons to check it out
What Makes The 87th Street Dog Run Different?

First of all, there are two fenced in areas. That means one huge area for large and medium sized dogs. And it’s big enough that they can really get running. But if you don’t own a greyhound, don’t worry.Because there’s also a smaller and separate fenced in area, reserved exclusively for the Maltese puppy crowd. And if that’s not enough, to make it even easier for Upper West Side dog owners, the fenced in areas are only accessible through a series of double gates. This feature makes it really easy to get dogs in and out one at a time (and prevent any escapes). It might sound simple, but these little features go a long way.That’s why it’s worth noting the 87th Street Dog Park also has a hose. So doggy dehydration won’t limit your stay. Nor will boredom. There are all kinds of toys, tennis balls and of course, other dogs!

By the way, while your dog tires himself out, you can relax on a bench. Most of them are hidden in the shade.  So…

Do Your Dog a Favor: Check Out The 87th Street Dog Run!

This place is a gem, honestly. And the abundant squirrel population can keep your dog distracted for hours. My only warning is that you don’t want to go the day after it rains. The dirt and gravel get very muddy, very quickly.

Oh yeah, here’s one last thing you might not have known,  The 87th Street Dog Run is 100% community funded and maintained. The city doesn’t give it a penny! So if you want to offer some support click here to donate.

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