The American Museum of Natural History’s Family Party

  Last modified on June 22nd, 2020

The American Museum of Natural History’s Family Party invites you to journey through 150 years of discovery. The 26th annual benefit takes place at the museum on October 23rd from 5 to 7:30pm.

The Family Party is one of the museum’s most beloved traditions and best family parties in New York City. Children and adults are invited to the museum after hours to engage their curiosity with educational activities and spectacular entertainment.


Throughout the night, guests learn about history and the world around them through different crafts, activities, and entertainment. The Museum Science Center will be the highlight of the evening. Children will meet a variety of animals and learn from museum curators, scientists, and educators. They will even get to go through the museum’s collections of artifacts and specimens.

American Museum of Natural History to remove Theodore Roosevelt Statue

Individual ticket prices are $175 per adult ($95 is tax-deductible) and $85 per child (according to the museum website, no portion of this amount is tax-deductible.)

Guests can also purchase different packages for Family Night, such as the:

  • Galaxy Package ($25,000).
  • Blue Whale Package ($10,000).
  • T-Rex Package ($5,000).
  • Elephant Package ($1,500).
  • and the Family Package ($600).

Please note with the exception of Fast Passes, tickets are not be mailed in advance. Guest names are held at the door.

While Family Night is one of the most exciting museum nights, this event is just one of the many benefits the museum holds every year. According to the website, guest participation and contribution “provides valuable support to the museum’s mission and exhibitions.”

Learn more about the Family Party here.

The museum also offers plenty of educational experiences for children and families, which you can learn more about here.

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