The Best Bistros for Lunch Meetings

  Last modified on August 14th, 2018

Even in this era when so much business communication is accomplished digitally, the business lunch remains an integral part of commerce for businesses of different types, including enterprises located on the Upper West Side. There are nine Upper West Side restaurants that are particularly favored by the business lunch crowd. These restaurants include menus in different price ranges to best meet the financial needs of people looking for a place to meet over lunch.

Lincoln Square Steak

Best Bistros for Lunch Meetings

Lincoln Square Steak combines elegance with a neighborhood feel. The menu is outstanding. Indeed, in scanning the rankings of the best restaurants in the city, Lincoln Square Steak lands in the top 10 time and again. In addition, the restaurant comes in at the top of these lists of Upper West Side locations with regularity.

Lincoln Square Steak is a great destination if you want to impress over a lunch meeting, and if you’re looking for restaurants near Lincoln Center. The menu has selections at the higher end of the spectrum, but the food will not disappoint.

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Jacob’s Pickles

Best Bistros for Lunch Meetings

Jacob’s Pickles is a favored Upper West Side eatery for brunch, lunch, and dinner. If you desire a more affordable, at yet welcoming, venue for a lunch meeting, Jacob’s Pickles is an idea selection.

Jacob’s Pickles is renowned for its comfort food and a nice selection of menu items with a New Orleans flavor. The eatery is busy during the lunch, but tables typically are readily available. There can be a wait if you want to gather for a meeting over a weekend brunch, however.


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Best Bistros for Lunch Meetings

Carmine’s is at the top of the list of the most favored restaurants on the Upper West Side. It is also popular as a reasonably priced destination for lunch, including for people who want to meet over the midday meal.

Carmine’s features a fabulous selection of Italian menu items. Even at lunchtime, the portions served at Carmine’s are generous. Odds are that you will have something to takeaway with you for an afternoon snack of an evening supper.


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Red Farm

Best Bistros for Lunch Meetings

Red Farm is home to delectable Chinese food, including renowned dumplings. Popular for both dinner and lunch, Red Farm is solid location to host a lunch meeting, particularly if you would like some more interesting fare.

The menu clocks in as moderately to high priced, probably a bit more expensive than standard Chinese bistros in the city. Red Farm is consistently ranked as one of the best restaurants on the Upper West Side, particularly when it comes to an innovative take in Asian cuisine. The bistro serves Pac Man Dumplings, after all.

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Jean Georges

Best Bistros for Lunch Meetings

Jean Georges offers a broad menu for people with a side range of tastes and diets. Jean Georges serves a variety of French and other European cuisine, including vegetarian and vegan options. Jean Georges consistently is one of the top rated eateries on the Upper West Side.

Jean Georges is a sound choice for a lunch meeting. The venue can accommodate small meetings or even something larger, with a reservation. The menu is moderately to a bit higher priced.


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Barney Greengrass

Best Bistros for Lunch Meetings

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Barney Greengrass is an idyllic deli, complete with an array of kosher offerings. Barney Greengrass is a perfect location if you want to have an affordable lunch meeting. It is regarded as one of the best delis on the Upper West Side, something of a beloved neighborhood joint.

New Yorkers oftentimes find themselves hosting lunch meetings for out of town visitors. Barney Greengrass is an ideal spot if you want to give s business visitor a true feel for a neighborhood New York eatery — a true Big Apple deli experience.


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Peacefood Café

Best Bistros for Lunch Meetings

An American bistro, with a menu featuring vegetarian and vegan selections, Peacefood Café is an ideal selection for a business meeting with individuals who pay close attention to their diets. Peacefood Café features a reasonably priced menu across the board.

Relatively new to the Upper West Side eatery seen, Peacefood Café is popular. The lunch rush can be a busy, so plan your business meeting at the café accordingly. As an aside, even folks who don’t normally select vegetarian or vegan dishes are pleased with the selection at Peacefood Café.


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Metro Diner

Best Bistros for Lunch Meetings

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A popular destination for traditional, all-American comfort food, at a highly affordable price, Metro Diner is a perfect destination for a lunch meeting. The Metro Diner is the kind of café that might make you look for a Blue Plate Special. Although that’s not precisely on the menu, the café offers a nice selection of old fashioned favorites.

Metro Diner is an Upper West Side fixture. In addition to solid lunch selections, if a breakfast business meeting is on your radar, Metro Diner will not disappoint.

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