The Blue Heron of Central Park

  Last modified on January 21st, 2020

Move over, Hot Duck, there’s a new bird in town – and this one is blue. It seems like only yesterday when New Yorkers caught wind of an important NYC news story – the beautiful duck spotted in Central Park. New Yorkers were captivated.

Dubbed “Hot Duck” by those who followed the story, residents questioned how this beautiful bird found its way into Central Park, and what it was doing in town before New York Fashion Week. Was it single? Did it have plans on Thursday night? New Yorkers needed to know.


Now, it seems that yet again, another beautiful bird has graced the city, upstaging Hot Duck almost entirely. Hot duck was sooo 2018. It’s now time to turn our attention to the blue heron of Central Park.

While David Barrett, who runs Manhattan Bird Alert, claims that “it’s common in the park most of the year”, skeptics of this statement and fans of the bird’s appearance are still in awe of how something so pretty could appear right in our own backyard.

Barrett says that these birds usually only appear in small numbers, and are a bit more shy than most other birds of the less “highbrow” varieties, which explains why we Upper West Sider’s may not have seen this bird yet.

The bird has been spotted in The Pond in Central Park, amongst the branches, and in the sky. Viewers can recognize the bird from its lanky legs, bright blue hues, and crested feathers. Those interested should adventure out through Central Park for a firsthand glimpse of this modelesque creature.

Have you spotted the beautiful Blue Heron for yourself? Send us photo evidence and let us know what you saw!

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