The Cashmere Sale Popup

The seasonal pop up shop, The Cashmere Sale, is back on the Upper West Side. With holiday shopping in full swing, you must check out this place for the lowest prices on high quality cashmere.

I spoke with one of the sales associates about where the cashmere is sourced from and why it’s only a seasonal spot. She told me that the company Republic Clothing Group is the creator of the pieces and don’t have a regular retail location. RCG has been in business since 1994 and their headquarters are here in NYC.


RCG supplies cashmere and clothing for brands sold at Lord and Taylor, Macy’s, and other large department stores. RCG does not have their own line. But they wanted to have a retail store for the holiday season, so they created The Cashmere Sale. There are now 25 pop up stores nationwide.

The pieces found at the Cashmere Sale are not left overs from any other brand or season. The Cashmere Sale specializes in trendy, inspired pieces that are made just for the stores each season. You can find pieces that are for the winter, but also for summer, spring and fall. They have sweaters, wraps, pants, and even accessories, all in the latest trends and styles. I noticed quite a bit of leopard print this year.

It is worth stopping in and stocking up on all your cozy clothing needs because the price is right.

Cashmere Popup UWS

Because there is no middleman and the clothing is coming directly from the source, you are paying close to wholesale prices. I often check the prices in Bloomingdales Outlet for a basic cashmere sweater and they run around $150-250. It’s also important to note that once clothing has made it’s way to the outlet, it’s usual from a previous season and not always in the best shape. You will be paying a little bit less at The Cashmere Sale, and the styles you will find are on trend for this season.

Cashmere Sale Upper West Side

This will be The Cashmere Sale’s third season on the Upper West Side. The staff I met with were local Upper West Siders and said they have really enjoyed working for the company over the years.

The Cashmere Sale is located at 1980 Broadway (at 67th Street) until Wednesday, December 11th. Store hours vary, so please check their website:

If you are interested in shopping online, check out The Cashmere Sale’s website and use code UpperWest2019 for free shipping.


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