The Consulate Now Open on 85th and Columbus

  Last modified on November 4th, 2022

A new restaurant and cocktail bar called The Consulate is now open at 519 Columbus Avenue, on the corner of 85th Street. This was formerly the home of Machiavelli.

The Consulate will be primarily serving French and American plates, but the website indicates that a wider variety of cuisines will be available through “Monthly seasonal specials (which) will center around a specific region’s recipes and culture, so diners can experience a new country’s cuisine each month.”

The UWS restaurant was founded by Metodija Mihajlov, who “designed the restaurant to take diners on a tasting tour across the globe.” According to Metodija’s LinkedIN profile, he is (or was) also a manager at Petite Boucherie, which is opening a location on 63rd Street.

Food at The Consulate

As of now, they’ve listed their brunch and happy hour menus on their new website. The happy hour menu which listed only includes food specials.

Some brunch items include avocado and salmon toast, a goat cheese and mushroom omelette, burrata and tomato salad with strawberries, Nutella French toast, Croque Monsieur and shrimp and grits.

Consulate Avocado Salmon Toast

Consulate Restaurant Brunch

Nutella French Toast

The happy hour menu includes garlic shrimp toast, oysters, deviled eggs and two flatbreads.

The dinner menu hasn’t been added to their website yet, but their website highlights plates including:

  • Short rib Cavatelli
  • Roasted herb chicken
  • Locally sourced seafood including seared branzino, scallop tartare with crispy shallots, octopus and mussels

Here are some dinner menu photos they sent us …




steak and fries

linguini with mushrooms


And some teasers from the bar …

cocktail from the Consulate

red cocktail

The Consulate’s interior is “light and airy”; if you remember Machiavelli’s walls of windows that sounds accurate. They’ve designed the space with hanging plants, checkerboard flooring and leather booths.

Learn more on The Consulate’s website.

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