Reader: The Cottage Has Permanently Closed

  Last modified on December 27th, 2020

One of our readers, who lives in the building where The Cottage is located (360 Amsterdam Ave at 77th Street), has informed us that the long-time Chinese restaurant has permanently closed.

Our reader told us that the reason for the closure was that the new landlord – The Olnick Organization – had refused to renew their lease. We called the Olnick Organization but the person we spoke with didn’t have any information they could share with us.

Our reader also tells us that Olnick is not renewing any of the apartment leases (outside of those which are rent stabilized), and may be looking to combine units to create larger apartments.

The Olnick Organization purchased the building, which has an alternate address of 201 West 77th Street, in November of 2019 for $106.4 million, according to The Real Deal. The report stated that Olnick is planning to make improvements to the building and hold it for the long term.

Our reader just found out about the closing of The Cottage from his doorman. He tells us they started clearing out about a week ago.

The Cottage had very mixed reviews. These include quite a few former fans who’ve remarked about the declining quality of food over the years.

The original Cottage restaurant opened on 76th and Columbus in 1981. A year later, they relocated to 77th and Amsterdam.

We called the restaurant’s main number but didn’t get an answer (the mailbox was not accepting new messages).

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