The Lost History of Riverside Drive

Dorot will be holding a lecture on the lost history of Riverside Drive on Friday, May 17th, from 12:30-2:00 PM.  This is great opportunity to learn more about the history of the Upper West Side!

Michael V. Susi will be leading the lecture. He is a local historian, as well as the author of two books, The Upper West Side (2009) and Columbia University and Morningside Heights (2007). Additionally, Susi has gathered over 200 postcard images of the Upper West Side. These photos show how the neighborhood has reinvented itself, and all the many changes in its transportation, housing, and entertainment.

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Susi’s lecture will give listeners a glimpse into how the Upper West Side’s Riverside Drive came to be, and will also include a taste of local history. Susi will display stories and images that paint a portrait of changes over time.

Anyone who is interested in attending can register through email at , or by phone at 917-441-3745. The suggested contribution is $5, but the event is open to the public. Dorot is located at 171 West 85th Street.

Dorot is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to alleviate social isolation and provide concrete services to older adults. For more than four decades, Dorot has organized programs in the fields of aging services and volunteerism. They offer a diverse set of programs, as well as a focus on providing intergenerational connections.

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