“The Park Needs Us” Initiative Gains Celebrity Support

The Park Needs Us

c/o Central Park Conservancy

In a new effort to earn donations and volunteer assistance, the Central Park Conservancy has partnered with a number of popular celebrities who’ve done some catchy voice-overs to represent different park attractions and highlights.

Whoopi Goldberg portrays Belvedere Castle and a tulip; Hank Azaria plays the Great Lawn and the Ramble; Josh Gad performs as Shakespeare Garden and Kristen Bell pretends to be a squirrel.

“It’s a fun approach with a serious message: New Yorkers need the Park, and the Park needs us – all of us – to keep it clean and green,” a Central Park Conservancy spokesperson said.

Additional celebrities involved include Wu Han (as a turtle), Eduardo Vilaro (as the Pond) and Patricia Clarkson (as the Bow Bridge).

In February of this year, the Central Park Conservancy announced that it was facing a $10 million deficit for the first time in its 40 year history,  launching the “Essential Central Park Fund.”

The Conservancy now appears to be getting a bit more creative.

Learn more about the new initiative here.

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