Tips on Finding a Quiet Apartment on The Upper West Side

  Last modified on August 1st, 2018

We live in a noisy city. But the Upper West Side is relatively quiet. So one tip on finding a quiet apartment is looking on the Upper West Side. But even our peaceful neighborhood has boisterous corners.  Here are some tips on finding a quiet apartment on the Upper West Side.

  • Find an apartment facing the back.  In most townhouses, this apartment will be marked with the letter “B”.  2B will be facing the back.  2A will be facing the front.  Some townhouses also use F and R, which respectively stand for “Front” and “Rear”.
  • Find an apartment on the top floor. If you’re in a walk up, this will either be apartment 5A or 5B or PHA or PHB.
  • Don’t live on the avenues. Aim for these quiet side streets:
    • Riverside and West End
    • West End and Broadway (assuming you’re closer to West End).
    • Columbus and Central Park West
  • Ask the agent about if the apartment has double-pane windows.
  • Aim for apartments with AC sleeves beneath the windows.  Putting an AC in the window always leaves a bit of a crack which can potentially invite more outside noise.
  • View apartments at night. This is when street and traffic noise will be at its maximum. It’s also when people are home, so you can gauge the noise coming from neighbors.
  • Pay attention to how much the floors squeek..
  • Tap the walls and gauge how hollow they feel.
  • Ask the agent about the noise and gauge their response.  Anything outside of “Not at all, this apartment is very quiet” should catalyst further investigation…

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quiet apartment on the upper west side