Tommy’s Food Truck

  Last modified on April 29th, 2019

There are many great brunch spots in the city, but most are costly! If you go to any diner in Manhattan and order two eggs and toast, that will run you $8 and up. If you are ever looking for a delicious, cheap place to eat near Lincoln Center, look no further than Tommy’s Food Truck on 66th between West End Ave and Riverside Boulevard.

Tommys Food Truck

Tommy’s serves breakfast until 11am and lunch until 4pm. Their hamburgers, sandwiches and hot dogs are great for lunch but their specialty is breakfast. Ever since I was a kid, I have been getting their egg sandwiches. I tell Tommy I want an egg sandwich and he knows exactly what I want- two eggs over easy with salt and pepper.

Most other food trucks in the city just serve egg sandwiches scrambled, but Tommy will prepare them any way you like. Many other trucks and restaurants will overcook over easy eggs but Tommy makes the yolk nice and runny. Just be sure not to eat one of these while walking as it could get messy!


Their coffee is delicious and reasonable priced. They don’t have an assortment of cappuccinos, lattes, etc. but they have good hot and iced coffee. Compared to the coffee shops in the area that will charge $4+ for a coffee their coffees which cost $1.00-2.00 are a great deal!

Here is nice photo of my egg sandwich and iced coffee the other day:

Tommys Food Truck UWS

Next time you are on the go and looking for a delicious and cheap breakfast, check out Tommy’s Food truck! While you wait for your sandwich, you can schmooze with the Con Ed and ABC folks who are their frequent customers as they work on the same block. You know never know what to expect either. One day in 2012 I was ordering from the truck and suddenly I was invited to be a last-minute audience member for The View; I ran back to my apartment to change and 20 minutes later I was on live television!

Featured image from Tommy’s Yelp page.

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