Tory Burch’s Dog Returns Home

  Last modified on January 24th, 2022

Phew. Tory Burch has been reunited with her dog, Chicken, who got lost on Sunday evening. At about 7:30am on Wednesday morning, she made the happy announcement on her Instagram feed, which received “likes” from over 27,000 (and counting) fans and well-wishers (she has since removed the post).

The adorable, 7 month old mini-poodle had gotten lost near the southern section of Central Park around 7:30pm on Sunday. A surveillance camera spotted Chicken by 56th and Madison at around midnight, in the care a couple who was apparently going to get the puppy’s microchip scanned.

Burch expressed her gratitude to pet rescue organizations, the media, and especially the couple who returned Chicken.

Burch had previously offered a “no questions asked” reward of $10,000, so I hope they get it soon and enjoy it!


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