Toxic Algae Found in 2 UWS Parks

In the past month, three discoveries of toxic algae extremely harmful to dogs have been spotted throughout the city, according to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

This species of algae was spotted in both the Turtle Pond and Harlem Meer in Central Park, as well as in the pond at Morningside Park.

The algae was also discovered in the pond in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

The algae can also be toxic to humans. But dogs have the tendency to drink or touch water when they see it. But those who take their children on walks through these parks should avoid these ponds as well.

If your dog is exposed to any of the ponds mentioned above, it is advised to wash them off immediately with clean water, and to protect yourself with gloves.

This algae has reported killed several dogs around the country this summer.

According to the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, algae blooms which are blue-green in color could very well be toxic, and all park-goers should keep their distance.


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