Trump Name Will Now Be Removed From All UWS Buildings

Last Thursday, the condo board at 120 Riverside Boulevard decided to remove the name “Trump Place” from its facade, The Washington Post first reported. The condo board sent an email to the Washington Post, stating that 55% of their members voted to have his name removed.

120 Riverside Boulevard became the fifth of six buildings on Riverside Boulevard to rid itself of his presence. One day later, the last remaining building to bear his name, 220 Riverside Boulevard, decided to remove it too.


The main motivation behind the removals certainly seems to be the negative impact the president’s name has had on property values.

A report by CityRealty exposes how the prices in Manhattan condos which have Trump’s name have been steadily decreasing since 2016, and the price per square foot in these buildings is now lower than in similar buildings.

However, the WP reports that the condos will have to spend a considerable amount of money to remove his name. So property values are clearly not the only driving factor.

It’s not clear when Trump’s name will be removed from 120  or 220 RSB, but as The Trump Organization has zero financial ties to these buildings, there’s really no (logical) reason the removals should cause any issues.

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