Trump Name Removed From Central Park Ice Skating Rinks

  Last modified on July 8th, 2021

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Trump’s name would be removed from the last Upper West Side building bearing it. Now, Trump’s name has been removed from Wollman and Lasker Rinks.

The Trump Organization has run both Central Park ice skating rinks since the 1980s, and they still do. They are among Trump’s oldest New York City businesses. But according to the Washington Post, employees of the organization began removing his name from the ice skating rinks within the last few weeks.


The Trump name has been completely removed from the boards surrounding each rink.

But there are still a couple remnants of his name, including a “T” behind the rental desk. In other areas of the rinks, his name has been made smaller or moved to a less noticeable location.

New Wollman Rink Operators Chosen: See Renderings of Future Site

This seems to be a pretty deliberate branding decision from within his own circle, as the removals began right before the skating season. And it appears to be the first time his own business has distanced themselves from the president.

Geoffrey Croft of NYC Park Advocates told the Washington Post “it’s a complete rebranding. They’ve taken [the name] off everything. Off the uniforms, everything.”

Crystal Howard, a spokeswoman for the parks, told WaPo that the Trump Organization notified them about the re-branding this past summer, but that they didn’t clarify the reason behind it. She also made it clear that the city did not request this change.

As of right now, the Lasker Rink website still bears Trump’s name in red font (Lasker Rink will open on October 26th).

And Wollman Rink’s website still has his name in the lower left hand corner. Wollman Rink just opened for the season.

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