Two Robberies, One Night

The NYPD received a report of a burglary on Wednesday, February 2 at about 2:30am. The incident took place at 425 West End Avenue, between 80th and 81st streets. A 50-year-old male told police that an unidentified individual entered the location, grabbed a package from the lobby and took an elevator to a higher floor where they opened it, left its contents behind and fled. There was reported damage to the front door of the building.

At about 2:45am, a 51-year-old female reported another burglary — this one at 308 West 82nd Street, between Riverside Drive and West End. According to this report, an unidentified individual — who the 20th Precinct indicates is the same suspect — also entered the building to steal several packages before fleeing.

There were no reported injuries from either incident. As of writing, no arrests have been made and investigations are ongoing.

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