UFO Spotted Over NYC: Compared To Death Star From Star Wars

I don’t know if it was a “UFO”, but it was definitely something strange floating in our skies recently. A New Jersey resident posted a couple of videos of a peculiar object above NYC on the evening of September 25th. And I for one have no idea what the hell I’m looking at. Was a UFO spotted over NYC? And was that UFO extraterrestrial?

The first video was shot at 9pm from the balcony of cameraman Mauricio Lopez (who states he lives in West New York, New Jersey, but saw the UFO hovering over NYC). The object appears to have a line through it, and you can see it begin to change colors at around the one minute mark. At approximately 1:30, it enters into a dark red hue.


2:10: “this is some crazy shit”. Yes it is, Mauricio.

2:50: “it’s not a helicopter, it’s not a chopper, it’s nothing like that. Trust me”.  I see no reason not to.

Lopez also states that the object is moving very fast, but it’s hard to tell from the video if he’s moving his camera phone around or not.


He took a second video, which he says in the comments section was shot several minutes later. At 1:57, he states that the object is no longer moving, and that in the previous video it was moving in a circle. Lopez, who doesn’t claim to be an expert in this topic, was convinced it was a UFO hovering above NYC.


The two videos have gone pretty viral since they were published on September 25th. Some commenters thought it was a star, others a planet. Many have compared the mysterious object to the Death Star from Star Wars. I don’t know what to make of it, but it’s interesting. I will say it is quite strange that it hasn’t gone MORE viral. And that these are the only videos of the September 25th sighting.


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