Unhinged Lady Yells at Restaurant Goers: “Ya Stupid Schmuck!”

While an Upper West Sider and her husband were waiting for their food at Mamoun’s Falafel (between 84th and 85th Streets on Columbus Ave) on Sunday night, a dog-owner hovering around the eatery’s outdoor dining area launched into a tirade against them for not wearing masks.

The reader tells us that the scene began when she started yelling at employees about customers being unmasked, and that once she started filming, the lady tried to hit her. She also tells us that her dog jumped on top of her.

“She made up a story that my husband and I were not vaccinated (which was false, we are fully vaccinated and never spoke a word to this lady) and she waited outside the restaurant we were at to scream that she hopes we die of COVID,” the reader told us. “I started filming her mainly because I was confused and wanted to document it.”

We’ve reached out to Mamoun’s for more information and will update this post if and when they get back to us.

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