Unseen Oceans at AMNH

  Last modified on November 27th, 2019

Unseen Oceans at the Museum of Natural History will be opening to the public on March 12th, 2018. Witness the freaky and awesome bottom of the sea as never before seen through advanced robotics technologies. This immersive theater presentation takes viewers on a vertical journey through marine environments at different depths.

Things you’ll see and learn about:

Plankton! These tiny organisms are some of the most vital on Earth. And they’re so cool looking!

Unseen Oceans


Fluorescent aquatic creatures of all shapes and colors.

Unseen Oceans

photononstop / Alamy


The largest residents of the deep blue.

Unseen Oceans


The unique “stealth” technologies being developed by scientists to continue allowing harm-free research.

Unseen Oceans


Tons of amazing landscapes and unusual creatures!

Unseen Oceans


Progress in marine biology and ocean technology are occurring rapidly. Unseen Oceans will give you an update on the latest advances you won’t want to miss! 


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