Upper West Side is # 1

  Last modified on March 5th, 2018

You already knew that the Upper West Side is # 1. But for some extra validation, the New York Times recently published an article showing survey results of city residents throughout NYC, who were asked about their feelings towards a number of city and neighborhood issues including cleanliness, traffic and health services.  See the full post here:

Guess which neighborhood came in first?

We did!

The Upper West Side was rated # 1 in the following categories:

  • fire services / emergency medical services
  • neighborhood life
  • health care services
  • bus service
  • neighborhood parks
  • playgrounds
  • parking enforcement
  • ease of travel in the city

I guess we either have the best services, or just the easiest people to please … I’m guessing it’s the first one …

Thanks Dad for the tip :).

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