Upper West Side Kids Doing Awesome Things

Students from the Smith School of Music (131 West 86th Street) recently completed a performance of the entire Abbey Road album by The Beatles, from “Come Together” to “Her Majesty” and everything in between.

Released in 1969, Abbey Road was the eleventh (and second to last) Beatles album, achieving chart-topping success in both the United States and the United Kingdom. (Let it Be was released in May 1970, about a month after the band’s public breakup.)

The album cover was shot on 80th and Central Park West, and the students’ entire rendition can be viewed below.

For the twentieth consecutive year, Friends of Roosevelt Park is continuing its sponsorship of GreenLife, a nine-month, paid student internship program at Theodore Roosevelt Park, the nearly 18-acre green space surrounding the American Museum of Natural History, from Central Park West to Columbus Avenue, and West 77th Street to 81st Street. As in the past, the group consists of junior- and senior year students from The Urban Assembly School for Green Careers (145 West 84th Street) who will be participating in on-site horticulture studies and work-life training guidelines. More information is available through the Urban Assembly School for Green Careers.


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