Upper West Side Mom’s COVID-Friendly Halloween Scavenger Hunt Back by Popular Demand

  Last modified on October 14th, 2022

Soon after the pandemic reached NYC last year, one of Elizabeth Flisser Rosman’s kids asked her when it would be over. Rosman replied, “don’t worry, you’ll be able to trick or treat for Halloween.” When she realized this would not be possible, she had to figure out another way her kids could enjoy the holiday.

Not only did she create an alternative Halloween activity for her kids – but for hundreds of kids around the neighborhood, all of whom learned about her Halloween Scavenger Hunt through word of mouth!


While Rosman wasn’t going to bring the hunt back this year – as “it does seem like people are out and about a little more” – her kids, her neighbors, and other Upper West Side families who got to enjoy it in 2020, begged for her to bring it back.  So … it’s back!

The Rules of the Game:

1. Put on your Halloween costume on Halloween (Sunday October 31)
2. Print out the scavenger hunt list and make sure to bring a pen (click here to download or scroll to bottom of article)
3. Hunt in the windows and glass doors of all the stores on the list for Jack O Lantern, Gus the Ghost or Willow the Witch and circle who you see.
4. You do not (and should not) have to go into the stores to play the game; all of the characters are visible from the sidewalk (the characters are on circles that are 2 inches in diameter)
5. Have fun!

Last year, many parents gave out candy rewards to their kids when they got home based on who their kids found and their tally: 1 piece for the Pumpkin, 2 pieces for the Ghost, 3 pieces for the Witch.

“And speaking of last year,” writes Rosman, “a huge shout out has to go to neighborhood favorites: Columbus Art Gallery, Little Creatures and Columbus Shoe Repair all of whom still have last year’s character in the window because of the delight the game brought to so many kids!”

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