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Upper West Side Public Schools

Upper West Side Public Schools

Now that you’re child has completed his or her pre-school on the Upper West Side, you can start worrying about kindergarten!

Not every school fits every student’s needs. That’s why we’ve put together this list of Upper West Side public schools. Read below to find out what programs and what kind of educational-based approach to learning each school offers. And don’t forget to visit their official websites for information on the admissions process and more!

Choosing the right public school for your kid is important. Some people even base their search for Upper West Side apartments around what schools they are zoned for! So make sure to do your due diligence.  We hope this helps!

P.S. 87 William Sherman School

160 W. 78th St.

Upper West Side Public Schools

PS 87 is a public elementary school that’s home to a large and diverse student body. The school maintains the vision that children, staff, and parents are all important members of the community. Their style of communication helps the parents stay connected to what’s happening at the school at all times. The teachers are dedicated to their students and strive to help them develop their creative talents.

P.S. 145 The Bloomingdale School

150 West 105th Street

Upper West Side Public Schools

The Bloomingdale School uses technology as part of their everyday curriculum. They believe in the crucial importance technology will play throughout the 21st century. Teachers here implement a combination of face-to-face learning along with online teaching. Their mission is to shape students that are aware of the world’s issues and can work their way through problems independently. They strive to build excellent reading comprehension skills and oral reading fluency in each and every one of their students.

P.S. 163 Alfred E. Smith School

163 W. 97th St.

public schools on the upper west side

PS 163 is an elementary public school located on the Upper West Side that serves to those in grades Pre-K through grade 5. They offer four different educational programs: integrated co-teaching, general education, gifted & talented, and a dual language English and Spanish program. Their core curriculum focuses on the arts, sciences, and new technologies to expose students to a wide array of subjects.

P.S. 166 The Richard Rodgers School of the Arts and Technology

132 W. 89th St.

public schools on the UWS

photo by Jim.henderson_wikicommons

The educators and staff at PS 166 believe that all students can reach their maximum potential with the right encouragement. Their core curriculum mixes the arts and technology in order to ensure each child’s smooth transition into an ever increasingly digital world. They offer a gifted and talented program and a dual language program where teachers instruct in both English and Spanish.

P.S. 84 The Lillian Weber School of the Arts

32 W. 92nd St.

UWS public schools

PS 84 prides itself in taking care of every member in their community as if they were part of one big family. From the teachers to the office staff, everyone plays a crucial role in making the school a great place. Each student that attends Weber follows the ROAR motto. This stands for respect, open-minded, achieve, and responsible. They offer special dual language programs in both Spanish and French.

P.S. 191 The Museum Magnet School

210 W. 61st St.

upper west side schools

The Museum Magnet School is composed of an inclusive and diverse community that teaches children to collaborate with each other through teamwork. Their vision is to ensure that each child learns to love learning while also preparing them for the world of tomorrow.  Students participate in projects inside the classroom and outside in the surrounding community. Teachers apply a project based learning as a component of their social-emotional growth program.

P.S. 333 Manhattan School for Children

154 W. 93rd St.

district 3 schools

PS 133 offers elementary and middle school education from grades K through 8. The instructors at Manhattan School for Children implement a program that combines both reading and mathematics. Their curriculum involves having the children learning by doing as well as by engaging in cooperative problem solving. The school at MSC sees a lot of parent involvement which creates a tight-knit community for both students and the staff.

Special Music School

129 W. 67th St.

schools on the upper west side

The Special Music School is a one-of-a-kind public school in Manhattan that’s geared towards those children who are musically gifted. SMS operates as a public school in conjunction with the New York City Department of Education and the Kaufman Music Center. Their program focuses on a curriculum that’s oriented towards music classes while also offering general education courses.

P.S. 334 The Anderson School

100 W. 77th St.

public schools 10023

The Anderson School is a public school for gifted children starting in kindergarten through grade 8. The program accepts students from New York City’s five boroughs. Their academic program focuses on the social, emotional, and educational developmental needs of each child. Students selected come from a vast array of different backgrounds and are encouraged to learn together. Instructors create a program that engages students through a variety of stimulating projects and assignments.

P.S. 199 Jessie Isidor Straus

270 W. 70th St.

public schools 10024

Jessie Isidor Straus is in District 3 and serves to children who are in grades K through 5. PS 199 has a School Leadership Team program in place which allows for a group of both parents and staff ensure that students are being provided with the best education. This is beneficial for both the children and the school’s community at large. The instructors here are known for their engaging and exciting lessons.

P.S. 75 Emily Dickinson

735 West End Ave.

public schools 10025

PS 75 is a public elementary school that’s committed to providing quality education for students in grades K through 5. They offer a dual language program in English and Spanish.  The school’s diverse and inclusive to those of different backgrounds. Students learn to work together while learning about math, science, and social studies. Many of NYC’s iconic institutions are visited to provide students with hands-on experiences.

P.S. 811 The Mickey Mantle School

466 West End Ave.

upper west side education

The Mickey Mantle School is a public school offering elementary and middle school education to students in grades from Pre-K through 8. They serve to those students who are disabled ages 5 to 14. PS 811 also offers inclusion programs for students with disabilities. The school’s values are founded on the principles of integrity, compassion, and respect. The instructors gather individual data from each child’s achievements in hopes of transforming their disabilities into outstanding abilities.

P.S. 165 Robert E. Simon

234 W. 109th St.

public elementary schools upper west side

The Robert E. Simon public school serves to children from Pre-K all the way up to 8th grade. They offer a dual-language program, G&T, and a special education program. The school comes with a School Leadership Team called SLT that allows members of the staff and parents to cooperate together. They ensure that the Comprehensive Educational Plan continues to be implemented and that it meets the need of each student.

PS 452

100 W 77th St.

public high schools upper west side

PS 452’s mission is to create a community where members of different cultures can interact and learn from each other. The teachers at this school encourage students to go out there and learn by exploring their sense of imagination. The school’s Social Studies and Science program is designed to develop critical thinking skills while working through project-based learning. At PS 452, it is each teacher’s goal to make sure students develop their best strengths and abilities.

P.S. 9 Sarah Anderson School

100 W. 84th St.

district 3 school zone

The Sarah Anderson School is a public elementary school that serves to students in grades K through 5. The school’s mission is to ensure each child’s success in the classroom. The community at Sarah Anderson is inclusive and diverse. They offer an enrichment program with a strong Spanish component for all grades as well as a cross-curricular arts integration.

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