Upper West Sider Makes Friends with Neighbors Across the Street During 7pm Clap (VIDEO)

Inspired by the 7pm clap, Upper West Sider Kathleen Murphy has created a video dedicated to the spirit, heart, and undying desire to connect which locals have shown during the last few months.

“How Coronavirus Couldn’t Steal The City” is a a tribute to “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” and to New Yorkers who have battled through this crisis.

Just like the Grinch couldn’t steal Christmas from the Who’s, Upper West Siders have not lost their spirit to this virus.

Kathleen says she’s “met” about 7 people from her 73rd Street apartment as a result of the evening clap. Each night, they look for one another, wave, point and laugh.

One girl she’s been able to shout to across the street disappeared for three nights. When she returned, Kathleen asked where she had been. The girl replied that she had gone to see her boyfriend. “How was it?” Kathleen shouted. “OK! I told him that you might be worried that I wasn’t here for the clapping!” replied the girl. I replied, “I was!””

From a bit more than half a block away, two couples have been dancing and waving their hands in the air each night.

The video below is dedicated to Kathleen’s new friends – even though she still hasn’t met them in person.

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