Residents Sue Neighbor For Installing Basketball Court in Apartment

  Last modified on April 4th, 2020

Residents of 160 West 95th Street are suing their neighbors for allegedly installing a basketball court in their Upper West Side apartment (h/t

The plaintiffs claim that a long-lasting renovation, which began in 2014 when the defendants combined their two seventh floor units, also ended up with them installing a basketball court.

They claim that people would come over to participate in noisy games which would cause unreasonable noise levels.

In response, the defendants state that once neighbors began to complain, the room with the hoop was soundproofed.

And that it’s actually just a Nerf hoop and ball for their two sons.

Side note: the plaintiffs actually live two floors ABOVE the basketball players.


In retaliation to the complaints, the b-balling defendant was caught on camera causing $400 worth of damage to the plaintiffs front door lock. And stealing an Amazon package from them. This occurred in November of 2018, and resulted in his arrest.

After this incident, the co-op board sent them letters demanding they move out. So now they are suing the co-op, accusing them of giving preferential treatment to the plaintiffs. This point of view comes from the fact that one of the plaintiffs was once the president of the board.

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