New Group Seeks To Save UWS Stores

  Last modified on March 10th, 2020

A group of Upper West Siders determined to save the character of the neighborhood have launched a new movement on Facebook. UWS Save Our Stores is gathering the community to keep our beloved stores in business.

The group summarizes themselves as “UWS volunteers dedicated to stopping the epidemic of empty storefronts and revitalizing commercial life in our neighborhood.”

UWS Save Our Stores states that while NYC commercial rents have decreased overall, they have actually increased between 71st and 86th Streets on Broadway.

They brought this up with members of Community Board 7, who attribute these increases to the influx of new developments entering the neighborhood over the last couple of years.

A couple recent examples of new development projects preceding store closings:

Despite these occurrences, there’s always something we can do to help.

 Whether it’s through political campaigning, fundraising or just raising awareness, it’s recently been proven that as Upper West Siders, we can make a big difference. 


Just recently …


And Upper West Siders are working on saving:

The group has attracted lots of press attention already, including this mention by NBC New York.

So join forces with UWS Save Our Stores and keep the fight going!

UWS SOS – Upper West Side Save Our Stores

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