Vampire Weekend’s UWS Music Video Released

Vampire Weekend, an indie band led by frontman Ezra Koenig, has returned to their Upper West Side roots. The highly anticipated music video for their new song “Sunflower” has been released!

The band members originally met each other at Columbia University, and have given nods to the Upper West Side throughout various interviews. They describe the band’s sound as “Upper West Side Soweto”, talk about their favorite Upper West Side food spots (Fairway Cafe on 74th Street), and reference UWS locations in their lyrics too. Their song “Finger Back” points out restaurant Jerusalem, “The One on 103rd and Broadway”, and they even have a song titled “M79”.


Recently, the UWS-born band filmed a music video for “Sunflower” at Zabar’s. Directed by Jonah Hill, the music video also has a cameo of Jerry Seinfeld at Barney Greengrass!

Vampire Weekend took to Instagram yesterday to let fans know about the upcoming release. In a mysterious post, the band blocked out the face of the famous comedian, which led to lots of speculation over who it could be.

Here’s the new video!

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