Vending Machines will soon Replace Newsstands on Subway Platforms

Vending machines will soon begin to replace newsstands across NYC subway platforms, first reported. The machines will dispense snacks and travel-sized toiletries.

With fewer and fewer people relying on newspapers, it comes as no big surprise that running a newsstand has become a more and more difficult business, whether underground or above.


People haven’t been spending much at these newsstands, and the numbers can’t be debated: about 40 percent of the 326 spaces on NYC train platforms are vacant, according to the report by NY Daily News.

The MTA stated that 27 vending machines are in the process of opening, but the total number of machines is unknown, and will be determined by the market.

Installing these machines is one of the MTA’s attempts to pump more revenue into its operating budget.

As vending machines can be found on train platforms throughout Europe and Asia, this is not an entirely untested business plan.

Featured images courtesy of Oran Viriyincy on Flickr.

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