Video Documents Vibrant Outdoor Dining Scene of UWS, Argues NYC is Very Much Alive

The video below, filmed by Mark O’Toole who runs, documents restaurant goers enjoying their dinners at Upper West Side eateries along Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues on the evening of September 1.

The filmmaker states that he “spent the last ten days walking around the neighborhood where I live, day and night. This is what I generally saw. Admittedly, one month ago, it looked a little different and felt less safe. But that’s not what I recently experienced. The city and this neighborhood is alive and busy. It needs our continued support and the Government to step in and help.”

Regardless of your outlook on the current status of the Upper West Side and NYC as a whole, please remember to support your local restaurants!

Big thanks to the filmmaker for reminding us that restaurants are in fact the lifeblood of our neighborhood.

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