VIDEO: Google Employee Arrested for Kicking Chihuahua

Eric Morrison, 34, was arrested Feb. 23, thirteen days after the incident. Photos c/o Jen Floyd.

A 34-year-old UWS man was arrested late last month after kicking a tiny chihuahua near the intersection of West End Avenue and W. 70th Street. Eric Morrison, the alleged attacker, is due in court on the matter March 12, according to a report by the NY Post.


The Saturday afternoon, Feb. 10 incident unfolded when 40-year-old Jen Floyd, also an Upper West Sider, was walking down the sidewalk with her leashed three-year-old rescue pup Knox. She claimed in a police complaint she filed two days later that Morrison kicked Knox, causing Floyd to “become seriously alarmed.”

Floyd tells ILTUWS the confrontation began when Morrison rushed past her while he was on his phone and, in doing so, nearly stepped on Knox. She admonished him, she said, calling out to him to be more careful.

“This guy’s on his phone, he wasn’t looking where he was going. He looked distraught. I said, ‘Hey watch out, you’re about to step on my dog.’”

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Morrison turned around, looked at her squarely in the face, she said, and then aggressively kicked the five-pound Knox, who started crying and screaming. Shocked, Floyd then immediately kicked Morrison in retaliation, she said. Morrison then walked away.

Knox. Photo c/o Jen Floyd.

“I reflexively kicked him,” she admitted.

Floyd said she ran after him, putting her phone on video to help identify him later. She caught up and yelled at him for kicking Knox.


“I was screaming ‘what the hell?’ He kept saying his mom was sick and he had to get her medicine,” she said. “I said that didn’t give him the right to assault a dog.”

Floyd then immediately called 911 and police officers responded, looked for the then-unidentified man with no luck, she said. She then went to the police station to file a report but was discouraged from doing so by an officer at the desk. “I was told there’s nothing they can do.”

She shared a video of their confrontation on Instagram and, like moths to the light, incensed readers began expressing outrage at the alleged attack, with some trying to identify the man. It didn’t take long before he had a name: Google employee Eric Morrison. Floyd said the armchair sleuths used facial-recognition software called PimEyes to uncover his identity.

“The internet ID’d him because of my video,” she said.

In the video, Floyd can be heard saying “You came up out of nowhere and I said ‘watch my dog,’ and you kicked him as hard as you could because you were having a bad day. I just want the internet to know that. This guy is a piece of sh*t.”

Meanwhile, Morrison became aware of the now-viral video and on the day after the incident, went to the police station himself to file a complaint with the NYPD, claiming it was Floyd who attacked him. He claimed in the written report that she accused him of almost stepping on her dog and then began attacking him by punching and kicking him and pushing him into scaffolding, causing him to suffer minor injuries. He also claimed in the report that because of the viral video, he “feared for his safety.”


Floyd went back to the station on Monday, two days after the confrontation, to make another attempt at filing a complaint. This one was successful, and the matter was turned over to the NYPD’s Animal Cruelty Squad.

Fortunately for Floyd, a camera on a building across the street from the ruckus caught some of the incident on tape, and that video appears to corroborate her allegation that Morrison kicked Knox. Police obtained the video Feb. 12.

Morrison, who lives on Riverside Drive, was charged with “violation (of) agricultural market law,” according to the NYPD. According to the NY Post and social media, Morrison works for Google and formerly worked for TikTok.

Floyd said it was luck that the second video was found. She was in a nearby CVS, she said, asking if the store had a security camera that might have caught the incident. It did not. But two police officers happened to be in the store and overheard her question to a store employee. They then went outside with her and began looking for video cameras which could have obtained the footage she was looking for. That’s when they found one on a residential building across the street.

“I post the original video footage I took calling him out on Saturday. He presses fake assault charges to cover his ass on Sunday saying I attacked him first… BUT… he didn’t know the building across the street caught it all on video…,” Ms. Floyd later wrote on Instagram.


After Floyd posted the second video, of the actual incident, viewer condemnation of Morrison was renewed.

“I cringed watching this!! I’m so happy he was caught on video and that he was finally help (sic) accountable !!!” wrote one Instagram reader. “The good news is that whenever anyone Googles his name in the future, this will come up,” wrote another.

Some even called for Google to fire Morrison.

Floyd tells ILTUWS that Knox is still skittish when outside, but does not appear to have been badly injured physically.

“I think we are both on edge a little bit,” she said. “I loved living in a quiet area by the river. I used to feel safe around here. The fact that this happened so close to home makes it worse.”

She mentioned that she often thinks of other victims who were not as fortunate as her to have video evidence of their experiences.

“It makes me feel bad for other victims who don’t have proof,” she said.

Floyd holds a master’s degree in Animal Behavior and Conservation, a field she used to work in. She is now a jewelry designer.


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