VIDEO: Postmates Workers, Post-Delivery, Steal Every Package from Building Lobby

A property manager tells us that one of her buildings, 240 West 104th Street at the corner of Broadway, was recently burglarized by two Postmates workers after they dropped off a delivery.

“This case was indeed unique, as a resident ordered from 7-Eleven and the 2 delivery personnel stole multiple packages on their way out,” the property manager told us. “I contacted 7-Eleven’s corporate office and was informed that the delivery was handled by PostMates. 7-Eleven was able to provide the name, identification number and telephone number of the registered delivery person.”


The property manager sent us the receipt from the resident’s 7-Eleven order, timestamped at 3:11pm. Surveillance footage of the theft is timestamped at 3:20pm the same day.

“I’ve contacted the precinct to report the incident and have had no luck reaching PostMates. It’s truly disheartening as instances like this leave us completely vulnerable,” the property manager told us on March 2. The incident took place in early January.

“Unfortunately, we’ve again been the victims of theft in the building,” read a letter dated Feb 3. “On two occasions over the past few days, people entered the building and stole multiple packages. We must all be vigilant in our efforts to protect ourselves and our belongings. If you have a package delivered, please retrieve it from the lobby as soon as possible. One of the thefts was committed by PostMates delivery people making a delivery for 7-Eleven. Another theft was committed by someone who walked in as a resident was walking out. In both cases, they stole EVERY package in the lobby.”

In terms of an investigation, nothing has happened yet because the precinct requires those who’ve actually had their items stolen to make the report. This was the last theft at 240 West 104th Street that the property manager is aware of, however, she tells us it’s happened since at their other building, 235 West 103rd Street.

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