Vivi Bubble Tea Signs Lease at 71st and Broadway

  Last modified on December 7th, 2021

Vivi Bubble Tea has leased the former Verizon store at 2061 Broadway, between 71st and 72nd Streets. Thanks to our tipster ‘Upper West Sider’ for the info.

The Taiwanese bubble tea chain has tons of locations around the country, including plenty in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.


“Starting from 2007, VIVI BUBBLE TEA, with its cutting-edge technology for tea production, launched the Taiwanese bubble tea business in America. Through the constructing of the VIVI BUBBLE TEA trademark and our continuing extensive costumer support, the first store in New York has expanded into our chain of over 70 branches. This expansion, with our goal of spreading the footsteps of traditional bubble tea to all parts of the country, demonstrates our first step in the undertaking of such a mission. We guarantee to provide customers the best of quality and service, strictly only using ingredients shipped directly from Taiwan, all of which approved by FDA, to brew you the freshest and most authentic Taiwanese taste in every sip. We hereby cordially invite you to take delight in the experience with us.”

Here are some product images, courtesy of Vivi Bubble Tea’s Facebook page:

Vivi Bubble Tea

Vivi Bubble Tea UWS

Vivi Bubble Tea 2061 Broadway

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