Warm Up on V-Day with Venchi Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Venchi

Warm up this Valentine’s Day weekend with a heavenly hot chocolate from Venchi!

Venchi’s authentic rich Italian hot cocoa is velvety and delicious and a great way to share a special moment of Italian Allegria (happiness) with your special someone.

There are four essential qualities for a perfect cup of hot chocolate: the right chocolate, milk, sweetness and temperature. Venchi hot chocolate is super creamy and rich because they only use the best cocoa!

The Classic Venchi hot chocolate is made out of just 4 ingredients: fresh milk, cocoa powder from South America, corn starch and sugar. Venchi cooks it for an hour to make sure it gets the rich, thick, and velvety consistency of an Italian hot chocolate. This is no instant hot chocolate!

There are a variety of flavors you can try, including …

Classic Hot Chocolate: for the purists. The quality of Venchi chocolate in all its silky smoothness and aroma.

Suprema XV Hot Chocolate: for Gianduja lovers. Hot chocolate blended with Venchi’s Suprema XV spread. The perfect combination for a creamy effect thanks to Piedmont Hazelnuts and cocoa, with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Cuba Rhum Hot Chocolate: strictly for the brave! The encounter between the classic hot chocolate and Venchi’s Cuba Rhum chocolate melted together, for an intense aromatic effect that will warm up your day.

This Valentine’s Day weekend (Friday through Monday), the Italian chocolatier will be doling out free sips of its rich Italian hot cocoa at both UWS locations (198 Columbus Ave @ 69th Street + 1796 Broadway @ 59th Street).

So stop on by and have a sip … that’s all it will take to get you hooked!

venchi hot chocolate

Learn more at us.venchi.com.

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