Where To Spot Jeff Bezos (and apparently, someone even better)

  Last modified on January 2nd, 2019

So according to Page Six, Jeff Bezos was recently spotted working out at the Equinox at the Time Warner Center.  Or I guess it’s officially the Shops at Columbus Circle. Or actually, you might as well get used to saying the Deutsche Bank Center, as that will be the new name soon enough. I know, it’s really not okay.


The person who spotted Bezos informed Page Six about it. But they put even more emphasis on how handsome his bodyguard is.

I’m sure Jeff just loves that. Even becoming the richest man in the world won’t even the playing field for him …

Anyway, it’s unclear how frequent of an NYC celebrity / handsome-man sighting opportunity this will be.

While he doesn’t live in the city full time, Bezos owns apartments at The Century, located at 25 Central Park West (between 62nd and 63rd Streets).

And maybe now with the whole Amazon madness, he’ll be staying on the UWS and flexing locally on a regular basis.

So, if you’re determined to spot Bezos or his handsome protector, follow these steps:

  1. Check your bank balance. Make sure there’s a LOT in there. 
  2. Sign up for an Equinox membership. 
  3. Go to their location at the Time Warner Center (or whatever the hell it’s called now). 
  4. Wait.

Featured cropped images courtesy of James Duncan Davidson via Flickr

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